Dear colleagues

We would like to invite you to participate in the 4th Congress of Russian Committee for Treatment and Research In Multiple Sclerosis with international participation «Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases»

    Main areas of the scientific program:

    • Epidemiology of demyelinating diseases, ethnic and regional characteristics, trends and prospects of the 21st century
    • External and hereditary (genetic and epigenetic) risk factors of demyelinating diseases progression, their interaction and ways of correction
    • Pathogenetic variants, early detection and prognosis in various demyelinating diseases, molecular and cellular mechanisms of the development of inflammatory-immunopathological and neurodegenerative changes
    • Modern features of the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, diseases of the spectrum of optoneuromyelitis and other demyelinating diseases, introduction of new methodologies and biomarkers
    • Complicated cases of a rare and combined pathology of inflammatory, demyelinating, autoimmune diseases of the nervous system and neuroinfections, comorbid conditions, age and gender characteristics
    • Treatment of multiple sclerosis, optic neuromyelitis spectrum diseases and other demyelinating diseases: effectiveness and safety, organizational requirements and pharmacovigilance, age aspect and family life planning
    • Patient and his/her family members’ view on life with multiple sclerosis, the impact of the disease on the patient's perception of his disease and its treatment, the best way of organization of specialized medical and social care